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God’s Toy Box (A few thoughts from Toy Story)

  What do you do when you’ve made something you’re proud of, like a picture? Do you put it somewhere prominent, give it to someone you care about, write your name on it? A Bible verse from Ephesians says we … Continue reading

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Memories of an Aged Clock (a Poem)

I remember you raised up, proud, ticking aloud above the mantelpiece, Being the focal centrepiece for years before You struck your last and stopped working, the day my Grandad died. Aston Villa hands wound you up each week, A whistle … Continue reading

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Follow Jesus on Twitter

Take a look at this video. There are many opinions expressed within it. What do you make of it all? Have you pressed ‘Follow’?

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St Patrick

I’ve been reading about St Patrick recently. First, let’s dispel some myths about him: He wasn’t Irish! He had NOTHING to do with Guinness… …Or leprechauns. People say he chased all the snakes out of Ireland and there are none … Continue reading

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Lister Hill Baptist Church

Lister Hill Baptist Church… Now on Facebook and Twitter! Join us:

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Home Brew

I was brewing beer yesterday with a friend. It’s our 3rd attempt so the brew should turn out pretty nice all being well. In fact my Uncle, a beer expert, said our last brew tasted like one he tried at … Continue reading

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John Wesley once said the greatest stumblingblock to people following Jesus is the lifestyle of Christians. Being one myself I know we’re far from perfect! Jesus once called himself the light of the world, and said his followers are too. … Continue reading

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Homes Under the Hammer

Under the Hammer Have you ever seen Homes Under the Hammer? It’s a morning TV show where people buy houses at auction and do them up, to sell them on for profit, rent them out or even live there themselves. … Continue reading

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