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Run Jesus Run!

Run Jesus Run is an 8Bit video game I just discovered.  Play starts when baby Jesus crawls out of the nativity scene before he then does miracles and recruits his disciples at lightning speed. Gamers, playing as Jesus, have just … Continue reading

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Coffee Time

Recently I was given this coffee maker. That’s right-given. This is awesome news as I love my coffee! Wow. Last week I visited a mosque and told a friendly Muslim man that I liked his hat. Next thing I knew … Continue reading

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St Patrick

I’ve been reading about St Patrick recently. First, let’s dispel some myths about him: He wasn’t Irish! He had NOTHING to do with Guinness… …Or leprechauns. People say he chased all the snakes out of Ireland and there are none … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ Superstar (play loudly for full effect)

Ok so Jesus wasn’t white and didn’t have blonde hair etc. but if you can look past this and one or two other things, Jesus Christ Superstar is a powerful, thought-provoking musical with some great tunes. It’ll be good to … Continue reading

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Why the cross?

Some people ask me what the Bible means by “Jesus died for our sins.” It means all sorts of things for those who trust in him! Here are a few. Those who trust in Jesus have been… Please excuse the … Continue reading

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