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I Really Moustache

I’m doing ‘Movember’ this year. That’s right – I’m growing a moustache. Or at the very least I’m trying to. Movember refers to men growing a moustache during November to help raise awareness and support for men’s health charities.┬áThis year … Continue reading

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The Roman Road Holiday Club

The first ever ‘Roman Road holiday club’ was held at the end of August. It was a great week and much fun was had by all! The icing on the cake was that some of the children walked the Roman … Continue reading

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Jesus is my Facebook Friend…

I tried rewriting Psalm 23 the other day. You know – that one that’s popular at funerals? I did it because people are not sheep, and because it can be good to look at what old texts could mean today. … Continue reading

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Spongebob and Sin

I recently heard a theory that the main characters from Spongebob Squarepants are based on what some call the ‘7 deadly sins’. What?! Let’s think about this: Lazy Patrick, greedy Mr. Krabs, jealous Plankton, hang on a second! Maybe there … Continue reading

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Manga Jesus

I really want to recommend an awesome collection of Manga Books from http://nextmanga.com/ Manga Mutiny, Manga Melech, Manga Messengers, Manga Messiah and Manga Metamorphosis retell events from five different chunks of the Bible (that’s the order of you like chronology). … Continue reading

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More Power!

I’ve just added two updates to the Strength for Today section. I hope they encourage and inspire. Strength is available to all of us. No need to struggle alone!

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God’s Toy Box (A few thoughts from Toy Story)

  What do you do when you’ve made something you’re proud of, like a picture? Do you put it somewhere prominent, give it to someone you care about, write your name on it? A Bible verse from Ephesians says we … Continue reading

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Plants vs. Zombies

This game is great fun. Here’s the lowdown: You are in your house, happily minding your own business, and some zombies want to break in and EAT YOUR BRAINS. The only thing standing between that happening is whatever plants you … Continue reading

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Fair Trade

Recently the church I am part of officially became a Fairtrade church. It’s an exciting yet easy commitment to make but helps to change people’s lives. It means that we use Fairtrade goods at meetings and services and also do … Continue reading

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The Roman Road on Amazon

The Roman Road is now on Amazon! http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/0860716643/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new Have you got your copy yet?

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