The Roman Road: a new journey!

Exciting news: The Roman Road is going down under!file (2)

That’s right – 15 copies will soon be on their way to Sydney. To my knowledge this is the first time the story has made it to Australia so as you can guess I’m really giddy about it. More importantly though, I’m giddy about the fact that it can help the 15 young readers to know Jesus.

Please pray for them.

On another note, if you have read The Roman Road before I’d value your thoughts on other resources that could go with it. Obviously there is the holiday club guide, but does anyone think there should be something else, like…

…a leaflet to explain the verses in the story?

…a sequel with the same characters? (Standing Firm touches on themes The Roman Road hinted at but it doesn’t use the same characters and is for older readers)

– The other day I found some notes I’d been working on which were the beginnings of a sequel for TRR. For whatever reason it stayed as a draft and I haven’t opened it for about 4 years. If you or anyone you know has read TRR, would you/they be interested in reading a sequel to it?

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World Book Day 2017

logoSoon it will be World Book Day 2017. It’s on 2nd March in the UK. It’s a great way of encouraging children to read books, champion their favourite stories, and discover new ones. They even get to dress up a character they love. And I’m pretty sure the teachers enjoy getting involved in this too (I know I would!). I help run a children’s club at church and sometimes when the children arrive in costume you can tell they’ve been enjoying World Book Day.

Sam and Maximus are on a journey but where does this road lead? What excites me this year is that one young lad I know has just read The Roman Road for the first time, and on 2nd March this year he’s going to dress up as Max! He will also be taking the book into school, which will help other children get to know the story. This was a really encouraging thing to hear. Max is the Roman soldier pictured here, and his friend Sam is on the right. Both are based on people I know.

Have you read The Roman Road yet?

It’s a fun adventure to read, and an invitation for you to go on one of your own…


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A Happy Zebra

Ziggy the zebra enjoyed his recent trip!


He is now safely back home and told me he has a really good time telling his story to lots of great children aged 4-7, and making some new friends along the way. Claire, who did the artwork for his story, was even able to do a book signing! Ziggy would have helped but it’s hard to hold a pen with hooves. Trust me, I’ve seen him try…

If you would like to find out more about what he got up to, and if you would like to use The Lonely Zebra for a children’s programme in your church, please click the link below and go to the bottom of the page.



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Making a Board Game…

This will be a short post…

I’m making a board game about angels.

It’s been play tested, the game mechanics have been worked out and the art work is being finalised…

…But I don’t know where to go from here. I don’t know how to get it made, who to approach, and how to launch it.

Does anyone have any ideas please? Comments below, or email

Please get in touch if you can advise me – I’m a little stuck right now but believe this game has great potential…


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Ziggy’s Adventure


Ziggy thought his story was a real page turner!

Have you read The Lonely Zebra yet?

Ziggy the zebra is currently on another adventure as we speak, travelling to tell his story at a children’s event next week.

He’s been reading and reliving his story, brushing up on his words, and making sure he does it justice. Maybe you’ll see him there?

Or maybe you’ll see him in the pages of The Lonely Zebra. Either way he’d be grateful of your company, and keen to tell you what he has learned about friendship…

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Would you befriend a Lonely Zebra?

Zebra SouthamptonHere is a photo of a zebra, spotted recently in Southampton.

Someone asked me the other day “Can zebras really cry?” I don’t know the answer to that question – not for every zebra anyway, but Ziggy the zebra can. Who will stop him feeling sad?

Pick up your copy of The Lonely Zebra and see if anyone will help him!

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I haven’t blogged for a while but here is a story by Max Lucado that I feel the need to share. Enjoy!

As someone who cares far too much what other people say or even think, it’s nice to be reminded that each one of us is special, and there is someone whose opinion matters most of all. 🙂

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The Lonely Zebra Reviewed!

20160510_154859The Lonely Zebra has just received its first review on Amazon! You can read it here.

It’s currently being read in the north and south of England, both as a bedtime story for young children and as a children’s talk in churches. Some adults (big kids) seem to like it too, and the pictures are being very well received by all ages.

Have you picked up your copy yet? Stop a zebra from crying and buy your copy today!*

*No manipulation intended – just playing along with the theme. 🙂
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What’s YOUR Story?

I want to encourage you to check out a website called Testified.

That is, if you like to be encouraged by real life stories of positive change…

You can read them, watch them, or both – just be encouraged by what Jesus can do!

*Drops the mic*


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Communion with Doughnuts?!

As a Christian minister I lead and attend communion services. For me they are one of the most powerful times to be in church, but it can also be taken in small groups. It’s a reminder that we can literally come into union with God because Jesus’s body was broken, his blood was shed, and he died and rose again for us. It’s a reminder that all can belong to God’s family no matter what our past, because Jesus has paid for our mistakes.20160501_173004

Communion is often done with bread (sometimes wafers or crackers) and wine (sometimes fruit juice or squash). One of my favourite times in communion was when the leader dipped pitta bread into wine and then popped it into people’s mouths, so they had both elements together.

I don’t know how many churches would take this up, but I wondered about using a jam doughnut for communion. If I was ever giving communion to someone and there was no bread or wine nearby, I’d have no problem using a doughnut. Two birds with one stone and all that…

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