The Roman Road: a new journey!

Exciting news: The Roman Road is going down under!file (2)

That’s right – 15 copies will soon be on their way to Sydney. To my knowledge this is the first time the story has made it to Australia so as you can guess I’m really giddy about it. More importantly though, I’m giddy about the fact that it can help the 15 young readers to know Jesus.

Please pray for them.

On another note, if you have read The Roman Road before I’d value your thoughts on other resources that could go with it. Obviously there is the holiday club guide, but does anyone think there should be something else, like…

…a leaflet to explain the verses in the story?

…a sequel with the same characters? (Standing Firm touches on themes The Roman Road hinted at but it doesn’t use the same characters and is for older readers)

– The other day I found some notes I’d been working on which were the beginnings of a sequel for TRR. For whatever reason it stayed as a draft and I haven’t opened it for about 4 years. If you or anyone you know has read TRR, would you/they be interested in reading a sequel to it?

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