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A new year encouragement

Hello if you are reading this, and happy 2019 to you. Just a recent encouragement I’d like to share: My book, ‘The Lonely Zebra’, was very lonely indeed and had been for some time. In fact, sales of his story … Continue reading

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Would you befriend a Lonely Zebra?

Here is a photo of a zebra, spotted recently in Southampton. Someone asked me the other day “Can zebras really cry?” I don’t know the answer to that question – not for every zebra anyway, but Ziggy the zebra can. … Continue reading

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Pick up a book and join the adventure!

There are many great fantasy books. For me the best ones grip the reader, helping them lose themselves in that world to the point where they don’t want to put the book down until the end. It’s like they are going on … Continue reading

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The Roman Road

Now available at Christian Books in Huddersfield! http://www.christianbookshops.org.uk/christianhuddersfield.htm It is also going to be trialled as a children’s holiday club for summer 2014. If you have read The Roman Road and would like to contribute some ideas to this, or … Continue reading

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When we Need Carrying

I love this picture. It was one of my favourite Christmas presents, made and given by some very creative people. On one level it’s just a LEGO man in a frame, but because I love The Lord of The Rings … Continue reading

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Roman Road Update

The Roman Road story is now available from Acorn Christian Bookshop in Leeds as well as Moorleys, and I have copies too which I can sell for £5. https://www.facebook.com/acornchristianbooks?ref=ts&fref=ts http://www.moorleys.co.uk/ https://allthewrightwords.wordpress.com/ Plenty of options for you there! Sam and Maximus, … Continue reading

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Hot off the Press!!!

The Roman Road has just been published! The first available copes can be found here: http://moorleys.1freecart.com/i/271175/the-roman-road-by-matt-wright-illustrations-by-claire-zillwood.htm#eml It’s a story aimed at 9-11 year-olds though is approachable for adults too. The pictures are full colour and there are questions for the … Continue reading

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The Roman Road

The Roman Road is just a few weeks away from publication… It’s a fictional children’s story with full-colour illustrations. There is a different Bible verse in each chapter and a ‘To think about’ section at the end of each chapter, … Continue reading

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