Matt Wright

Me Hobbit PicWelcome to allthewrightwords!

My name’s Matt. I’m a husband and Baptist minister. I love reading, writing, football, video games and board games. I also love keeping free range hens and ducks!

A little while ago my life changed when I asked Jesus Christ to be my friend (something I’d recommend to everyone). I believe the words in this blog can help you know him too.

My biggest passion is helping people know Jesus. Check out the blog posts and books I’ve written as you look around. You may find something that interests you. My stories mix fantasy fiction with biblical truth.

Happy reading!

To discuss anything from this blog or about following Jesus please email me:

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3 Responses to Matt Wright

  1. Great blog Matt, enjoying lots of your posts. Jane


  2. This is a very comprehensive site Matt – loads going on and lots of insights from places / items you wouldn’t necessarily expect 🙂 Great job!


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