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I haven’t blogged for a while but here is a story by Max Lucado that I feel the need to share. Enjoy! As someone who cares far too much what other people say or even think, it’s nice to be … Continue reading

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Speak up, for the Love of…

Mass Climate Change Lobby On Wednesday I had the privilege of going to London with Christian Aid on a mass climate change lobby. It was called ‘Speak up for the love of.’ Twitter was going crazy about it, and for … Continue reading

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Gone Fishing!

Here is a photo of me fishing on holiday in Santorini. I went with a guy who knows his stuff, hence why I’m using a good rod. I’d been fishing twice in my life before this – once as a … Continue reading

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Wield the Knife or go Veggie?

Meet the Girls My wife and I now keep ducks! You can see them pictured here. The white one is named Jemima, after Jemima Puddleduck of Beatrix Potter fame, and the other is called Egwene, after Egwene al’Vere from Robert Jordan’s Wheel … Continue reading

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Safe Places

As a child I used to love making dens. Sometimes I still do! I also used to enjoy playground games like ‘British Bulldog’ where you run from the base (a safe place) to the other one. When you leave the … Continue reading

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Galad Damodred: a Wheel of Time Reflection

Galad Damodred is not one of the main Wheel of Time characters and definitely not my favourite (that’d be Perrin Aybara) but profound changes occur within him that I couldn’t help noticing, and writing about. Galad is young, half-brother to … Continue reading

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The Roman Road Holiday Club

The first ever ‘Roman Road holiday club’ was held at the end of August. It was a great week and much fun was had by all! The icing on the cake was that some of the children walked the Roman … Continue reading

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Jesus is my Facebook Friend…

I tried rewriting Psalm 23 the other day. You know – that one that’s popular at funerals? I did it because people are not sheep, and because it can be good to look at what old texts could mean today. … Continue reading

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Let’s ‘Go Bananas for Fairtrade’!

I really admire the work the Fairtrade Foundation do. I’m part of a Fairtrade church and hope to help my town attain Fairtrade status too. This video is an eye-opener to say the least! I hope it helps you (as … Continue reading

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Roman Road Reviewed!

I just found this review of The Roman Road. It was on the website of a Christian newspaper: THE ROMAN ROAD This attractively illustrated book is aimed at 9-11-year-olds. Set in contemporary time, it tells the story of a boy … Continue reading

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