Wield the Knife or go Veggie?

Egwene & Jemima

Meet our ducks, Jemima and Egwene!

Meet the Girls

My wife and I now keep ducks! You can see them pictured here. The white one is named Jemima, after Jemima Puddleduck of Beatrix Potter fame, and the other is called Egwene, after Egwene al’Vere from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (read it. It’s awesome). The ducks have been with us two days so are still settling in. It’s great having them in the garden along with the hens. They are really expressive and comical.

Anyway…I’m facing a dilemma: Am I willing to kill an animal to eat it? Don’t get me wrong – we didn’t get the animals to kill them. We want them to be safe, happy and healthy, and like to eat their eggs. When thoughts come to (in time) the possibility of eating them, and even killing them to then eat them (when they stop laying), this gets hard for me. For some it wouldn’t be an issue, but I’m struggling with it.


I’m not a vegetarian. I know I could be – I was one for three years (a proper one too, not eating fish either). But I’m not a vegetarian now, and both hens and ducks are here. Though I like eating meat, I’ve never been faced with the conundrum of if I’d kill it myself or not. And I don’t think I would. But I do think I would eat it. Someone recently said to me that they think a person shouldn’t eat an animal if they aren’t prepared to kill it, hence this blog post.

Am I an awful human being? Or a hypocrite for eating what I don’t want to kill? Or are some (who choose to kill animals for food) better suited to killing them than others? Please respond…

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2 Responses to Wield the Knife or go Veggie?

  1. Twin Acres Homestead says:

    Interesting question, we were faced with the same one not long ago. We have ducks as well and the time came for one to go, we decided that we would eat him. We don’t enjoy killing any living thing but we are not prepared to give up eating meat and we figure that it is our responsibility to use what we produce. Because neither of us have processed a duck we did get out brother-in-law to help us with the processing and it turned out well.


    • Thank you for the comment. Comforting words! I hadn’t thought about the processing side of things. If you have any advice on how to get living ducks into their coop, or if it’s ok to just let them sleep where they like so long as they are safe, I’d be very grateful.


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