Gone Fishing!

matt fishing!Here is a photo of me fishing on holiday in Santorini. I went with a guy who knows his stuff, hence why I’m using a good rod. I’d been fishing twice in my life before this – once as a kid with a rod, and once in Romania a few years ago with some string and a bamboo pole…And I’ve never caught anything!

In Romania on the children’s camp, the kids were catching fish left, right and centre, and I never even got a nibble! I’m glad I got a few nibbles last week though. We sat for 5 hours fishing in the Med, using bread and blue cheese to attract fish, and fake fish and squid to actually catch them. I’m happy to say I got plenty of nibbles but sadly didn’t catch a thing. The comforting thing was the guy who knows his stuff didn’t either. It just wasn’t our day. It was really relaxing though – great weather, quality thinking time, and a chance to ‘chew the fat’ and talk about life.

Jesus once told his disciples to put down their fishing gear and follow him, and he would help them fish for people (‘Fishers of men’). So they did. It wasn’t about manipulating  people or deceiving them, which I guess to some extent I hoped to do with last week’s fish, but more about showing them that in Jesus they had something really great to offer (a relationship with God). Every fish has a choice – whether or not to approach the bait, whether or not to nibble on it, whether or not to take a big bite and hang on… so do we. We all have a choice with what we do with the good news of Jesus and how we respond to him.scaros If you are not a Christian because you’ve been put off in the past by Christians giving you the ‘hard sell’ or maybe not living a life style that attracts you, I’m really sorry about that, on behalf of all of us. Because the Jesus we know is really life-changing, really special, really attractive. And I’m convinced that a nibble of him (the ‘bread of life’) will leave you wanting more! And there is plenty more for all of us.

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