Speak up, for the Love of…

20150617_163406Mass Climate Change Lobby

On Wednesday I had the privilege of going to London with Christian Aid on a mass climate change lobby. It was called ‘Speak up for the love of.’ Twitter was going crazy about it, and for good reason: literally thousands of people turned up to gather together in Westminster to lobby our MPs. We told them what we love that climate change will affect (or may already be) and we asked them to act on it. Lots of groups were represented, some faith groups and some not, but all united by the fact that we don’t want climate change to happen, and we want to look after our planet.

In Parliament

For us the day started with an early coach trip, then arriving in London to go to one of several big worship services. Later on we all met our MPs. Three people from my area met with ours (I’ve cut them out of this picture for privacy20150617_152658 reasons) for a good talk. We went into the houses of parliament, so here I am on the veranda with the London Eye in the background. It was a great chance to air our views, try and gauge where the government is at with the environment, and later on to celebrate with 100s of others that we’d turned up, spoken to 100s of our elected representatives, and had our voices heard. We spoke with our MP for an hour and gave him some reading material to think about. Now, there is listening and then there is doing something with what’s been heard, so we watch this space now to see what the impact has been.

What do you love?20150617_162949

I want to ask what you love that will be affected by climate change. Obvious answers for me include my family, our birds and wildlife in our garden, bees, and God’s world as a whole. He made us stewards of his creation, and can we honestly say we’ve loved it? So, what do you love? And how will you go about making a positive, achievable difference to this world we are to look after? I’ve made a vow to walk more and drive less, and I’ve just bought a water butt for the garden. If I owned my home I’d definitely consider solar panels for energy.

If anyone has any tips on living a more sustainable life that is kind to our planet, please share. I’d be very interested to hear – I’m not an expert! But let’s all speak up and act for the people and things we love! Thank you.

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