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You have no power over me!

An 80s classic, right up there with The Princess Bride and The Goonies. In this magical fantasy David Bowie plays the evil Jareth, the king of the goblins. Sarah, played by a young Jennifer Connelly, wants her baby brother back … Continue reading

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Video Games are GOOD for You!

I love video games. I’ve always been into consoles, mainly Nintendo, and remember whiling away hours and hours on Donkey Kong and Zelda, not to mention Mario, who I was hooked on from the age of 5. Mario games have … Continue reading

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Coffee Time

Recently I was given this coffee maker. That’s right-given. This is awesome news as I love my coffee! Wow. Last week I visited a mosque and told a friendly Muslim man that I liked his hat. Next thing I knew … Continue reading

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When we Need Carrying

I love this picture. It was one of my favourite Christmas presents, made and given by some very creative people. On one level it’s just a LEGO man in a frame, but because I love The Lord of The Rings … Continue reading

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Fair Trade

Recently the church I am part of officially became a Fairtrade church. It’s an exciting yet easy commitment to make but helps to change people’s lives. It means that we use Fairtrade goods at meetings and services and also do … Continue reading

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I really like this programme. Now in its 5th season, it’s that rare thing: a Saturday night British TV programme of good quality! My favourite character is the dragon voiced by John Hurt, but that’s another story, and Richard Wilson … Continue reading

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Preferred Lies

I was at a golf course last night. Not to play golf but to worship God with other Christians. We went to a spot in the course where Baptist Christians met hundreds of years ago to worship in secret because … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ Superstar (play loudly for full effect)

Ok so Jesus wasn’t white and didn’t have blonde hair etc. but if you can look past this and one or two other things, Jesus Christ Superstar is a powerful, thought-provoking musical with some great tunes. It’ll be good to … Continue reading

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John Wesley once said the greatest stumblingblock to people following Jesus is the lifestyle of Christians. Being one myself I know we’re far from perfect! Jesus once called himself the light of the world, and said his followers are too. … Continue reading

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The Scatman

In the mid 90s this song was massive! Who remembers Scatman John? Sadly he’s no longer with us but the interesting thing about Scatman John is that he stuttered whenever he spoke, and it was a big problem for him growing up. As a musician though he learned that he could sing, and that he could turn his stutter into something cool by ‘scatting’, which I think means singing something really fast that sounds like made-up words, which you can make up as you go along. Give it a go if you’re confident nobody’s listening! Anyway, he had a massive hurdle to overcome in his life and he overcame it in style. The Bible is full of words from God telling us He has plans for us, that we don’t need to be afraid, that He is with us and will help us when we need Him. So no matter what hurdles we face that scare us and seem too big, help is nearby.

Do you know Him?

I’d love to have a go at this song on karaoke…

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