World Book Day 2017

logoSoon it will be World Book Day 2017. It’s on 2nd March in the UK. It’s a great way of encouraging children to read books, champion their favourite stories, and discover new ones. They even get to dress up a character they love. And I’m pretty sure the teachers enjoy getting involved in this too (I know I would!). I help run a children’s club at church and sometimes when the children arrive in costume you can tell they’ve been enjoying World Book Day.

Sam and Maximus are on a journey but where does this road lead? What excites me this year is that one young lad I know has just read The Roman Road for the first time, and on 2nd March this year he’s going to dress up as Max! He will also be taking the book into school, which will help other children get to know the story. This was a really encouraging thing to hear. Max is the Roman soldier pictured here, and his friend Sam is on the right. Both are based on people I know.

Have you read The Roman Road yet?

It’s a fun adventure to read, and an invitation for you to go on one of your own…


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