Joimagehn Wesley once said the greatest stumblingblock to people following Jesus is the lifestyle of Christians. Being one myself I know we’re far from perfect! Jesus once called himself the light of the world, and said his followers are too. For those times when you’ve noticed the light inside Christians has not shone as brightly as it could have, then on their behalf and mine I am truly sorry. From the heart. But please don’t let our mistakes put you off Jesus, as he never made any-that’s why he could be a perfect sacrifice for yours and for mine!

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4 Responses to Sorry…

  1. Graham says:

    Amen! Have you read Blue Like Jazz? There is an amazing chapter in there about how Don Millar and friends did a mass apology to their uni campus for their sins and for other Christians too. I won’t spoil it by telling you more, but it really is worth a read. The effect it had was amazing!


  2. Graham says:

    That’s very exciting! First comment! I have it on Kindle sadly, so I can’t lend it to you (otherwise I would). Definitely worth getting hold of a copy though….


  3. Hey! You’ve got “all the wright words.” You can get lots of followers by “liking” all the posts listed in your reader under “Christian” and “inspiration” and any other category that strikes your fancy. Hope the tips helps! See around the blogosphere. Yours, Mike


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