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I was brewing beer yesterday with a friend. It’s our 3rd attempt so the brew should turn out pretty nice all being well. In fact my Uncle, a beer expert, said our last brew tasted like one he tried at Derby Beer Festival recently! We’ve tweaked the recipe a bit and I love the smell of most of the ingredients and enjoy the process too. It definitely helps to be resourceful and adapt with the challenges as they arise.

Whilst buying ingredients I was shocked to hear the man in the shop cuts corners when he brews by using some ingredients that are further along in the process than the hops and grains that we use. I was surprised because I thought he’d be more old school; more of a purist. I don’t think he’s lazy-I think he’s just busy and needs to save time. Who am I to talk anyway, as my friend and I will probably try his way soon, and we also used some yeast this time which doesn’t even need encouragement to activate. These things are worth trying after all.

In Britain as a whole it’s as if we want things instantly and will do all we can to make life easier for ourselves. I wonder though, if things were all as we feel they should be in life, if we would be truly happy? Or if we need the struggles that we face (as hard as they can be) in order to discover where God is in all these things and learn to trust Him more? The beer we make is called Mighty Man. If everything in life was easy would we even know that God is almighty?

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