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‘Family Time’ from Disney’s Brother Bear

This song makes me think that this is what church should be like (minus the bears of course!)

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I’m sure we can all remember those words from Ash Ketchum of Pokemon fame as he sent his favourite Pokemon, Pikachu, into battle. More often than not the tiny yellow electric mouse would charge in at great speed and win … Continue reading

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The Lost Sheep

A familiar story maybe, where a shepherd has 100 sheep, loves them all and KNOWS EACH ONE BY NAME. When he counts up to 99 and one is missing, the shepherd stops at nothing until he finds the one that … Continue reading

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Homes Under the Hammer

Under the Hammer Have you ever seen Homes Under the Hammer? It’s a morning TV show where people buy houses at auction and do them up, to sell them on for profit, rent them out or even live there themselves. … Continue reading

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