Communion with Doughnuts?!

As a Christian minister I lead and attend communion services. For me they are one of the most powerful times to be in church, but it can also be taken in small groups. It’s a reminder that we can literally come into union with God because Jesus’s body was broken, his blood was shed, and he died and rose again for us. It’s a reminder that all can belong to God’s family no matter what our past, because Jesus has paid for our mistakes.20160501_173004

Communion is often done with bread (sometimes wafers or crackers) and wine (sometimes fruit juice or squash). One of my favourite times in communion was when the leader dipped pitta bread into wine and then popped it into people’s mouths, so they had both elements together.

I don’t know how many churches would take this up, but I wondered about using a jam doughnut for communion. If I was ever giving communion to someone and there was no bread or wine nearby, I’d have no problem using a doughnut. Two birds with one stone and all that…

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