Do All Dogs Really Go To Heaven?

The Lonely Zebra story has me thinking about something which many people think about: Will there be animals in heaven? There was an animated film in 1989 called ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’, but is is true? I just found out they made a sequel, but that’s another story…

Many people love animals. It saddens me that animal charities often seem to raise the most money – even more than great causes such as supporting children with cancer. It cannot be denied that we tend to love animals, birds etc. but will they be in heaven? I add my thoughts below, and would be interested to hear yours too. I hasten to add I haven’t studied this in depth but have given it some thought…


Will Jemima and Egwene be in heaven, or creatures like them?

When God created the world and before people sinned and went against his ways, there were animals. Adam, Eve and other early humans were to look after what had been made, including animals. This is when things were perfect. Because heaven and earth will be made new, and there will be no more tears, death, pain, illness etc, I can logically see how this could include animals, provided they all got along! Scripture tells us ‘the lion will lay down with the lamb’…where is this, if not in heaven? That can only happen in a place where things are perfect, right?

People were told to tend the earth and look after it….both before and after Noah’s ark (on the ark God chose to save the animals). There will be work in heaven too, just as there was before ‘The Fall’ when sin came into the world (the work got harder then and there were other bad consequences such as separation from God, but the point is we were created to work). Part of that first work included tending the Garden (of Eden) and looking after the animals. It’s easy to see how animals could be part of this again. Plus, if there is an ecosystem in heaven will it not need animals to help sustain it? The organisms in every ecosystem are there to help sustain it after all…

Plus, Jesus will come back on a horse! Where does that come from?!

And Scripture tells us that in heaven we will be worshiping God forever. Well, Scripture also tells us that animals and the rest of creation worship him already, so it kinda makes sense that they will be worshiping him with people…

Anyone who imagines heaven may well imagine it full of what they love, whether it’s people, candy floss, video games or whatever. I’m not trying to do that here – I’m trying to think about what the Bible teaches, as well as (to an extent) what I’d like to think will happen. But, I do trust God, and if in his wisdom he hasn’t designed it for animals to be there, so be it. I reckon they may be though. The thing with stuff like this is we just can’t know until later on, and we won’t know at all unless we choose to follow Jesus now. Knowing him is an urgent need for the world. The rest of this post is a nice idea but not as important!

So, I believe there WILL be animals in heaven. Will they be the ones we have loved and lost here on earth? I don’t know (to my knowledge they don’t have souls, but nothing is beyond God). This whole area is beyond my little human mind, though it’s fun to think about. It’s a nice idea that animals will be in heaven, and one I lean towards. But what do YOU think?

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