Why I’m a Guardian of Ancora

So, the game is finally out. Scripture Union’s biggest project ever has been unveiled for anyone to play for free. Guardians of Ancora is a good game. If I had a tablet I’d play it on that but a smartphone will do at a pinch (though I can’t play a game on a small screen for too long as my obsession with the original Game Boy from my younger days wrecked my eyes!).

Picture taken from Scripture Union

Picture taken from Scripture Unio!).

In the game you pick a character who lives in the city of Ancora. It’s dark in the city, because the Bible stories have been stolen so the light has gone out. The guardian’s mission is to play through levels that are Bible stories, take them back to the city and tell the to others, which brings the light back. There are different facets to the game including mini missions, fire bug collecting, and an arty zone where you can express yourself, which is probably great for the ages the game is aimed at (8-11, which is the same as the target readership for The Roman Road).

The levels are like a platform game, with left, right, jump, climb options, and the narration fits in well so you know what’s going on whilst you’re playing. The game is good to look at visually and jam packed with Scripture. I think Scripture Union should be really chuffed with that they’ve accomplished and I pray the game helps many people get to know Jesus better. I only wish they’d released more levels, as they aren’t all available yet. Still, I’ll be waiting in Ancora when they are!

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