Why I’m Praying for You

God isn’t a genie who grants wishes. As a Christian I don’t have a hotline to him that others can’t have. But I do believe in the power of prayer, that it makes a difference, and that not only can we go to God with anything but also that he speaks back!

I may never meet you but I’m praying for you today. Whoever you are and whenever you’re reading this I don’t know what your situation is, what your needs are, and despite the name of this blog I sometimes don’t think there are any ‘right words’ even when we know what’s going on.

But I do believe God loves you and has great plans for you, and that he sent Jesus to live and die for you to help you know this. So, I’m simply praying  for the health and happiness of you and your loved ones, that you will know God’s wonderful plans for you, and that in whatever time you have you will spend it knowing Jesus.

tumblr_lxqpn7YeCx1r9sebro1_500What will you do with the time that is given to you? I believe that you can do something great – that you were made great and are great. I’m praying that you will know this, and know Jesus, and that with him you will live life to the full. Amen.

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