Depression, Darkness, Sadness and Gloom

20150608_171431I know the title of this post isn’t cheery but thank you for sticking with it. I want to recommend Michael Rosen’s SAD BOOK to you. It’s excellent. Approachable for older children up to adults, it tells of Michael Rosen’s experiences of sadness, which could easily be interchanged with ‘depression’.

Rosen tells of how his sadness comes because his son died. He tells us that sadness can happen to anyone at any time, and how it affects him. Quentin Blake’s illustrations fit really well in showing Rosen’s experiences, such as this one below, where he is sad but looks happy, because he is wearing a mask he wants the world to see.


If you are experiencing deep sadness or depression I am really sorry. I have experienced it to an extent but nowhere near as much as many others. I don’t know what you’re going through, but I believe this book would be of some help. It’s a reminder that ‘sad is not bad’, that circumstances, rather than you, more than likely brought it on, and even if it’s hard to see them, there are still things to celebrate even if you can’t make yourself happier, such as the things you value in life and the small goals you achieve which are very significant. I hope and pray that you know support from loved ones and with them are able to be the real you. You can be with Jesus.

You’re in good company if this post applies to you: many people in the Bible went through really dark times: Job, David, Elijah, Jesus to name a few. Why not take a look at their stories in the Bible. Though you may have more questions than answers right now, may you come through it stronger. You are special, precious, valuable, valued and loved.

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