Fly high…with the father!

I’ve just returned from holiday on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini.

Whilst there I was listening to Bastille’s song ‘Icarus’ (video posted below), and being on a Greek island I found many souvenirs from Greek mythology. Do you know the story of Icarus, pictured here? He was a young man, son of master craftsman Daedulus, who invented the Labyrinth (NOT to be confused with the David Bowie film of the same name!). In fact they had been imprisoned within it by King Minos of Crete, and they escaped because Daedulus, being a genius, made wings for himself and Icarus out of feathers and wax. Up they flew on the wings that brought them freedom. 20150601_145538

But the wings came with a warning: “Follow me son. Don’t go too near the sea lest your wings get ruined by water; don’t go too near the sun lest your wings burn away. Just follow me” (my paraphrase).

Icarus, consumed with joy for his new-found freedom mixed with youthful pride, ignored his father and flew up, up and up until he realised too late that the sun would indeed melt his wings. He plummeted to his death into the sea, his father watching on helplessly.

This story makes me think of three things I need to do:

1) Listen to those who care for me and know what they are talking about. They can be wrong, but more often than not it’s me who is.

2) Pride is a dangerous thing. Trust loved ones over pride every time.

I’m reminded me of the prodigal son in the Bible, who thinks he knows best, goes off and leaves his father and lives recklessly until he has no money left. Coming to his senses he returns to his father full of shame, yet is welcomed back with open arms of love. For me that’s what being a Christian is about: we all go away from God by how we live, and need to come back to him. His son Jesus died for us and took the blame for the separation from God that our mistakes create, to make that reunion possible. And his arms are open and waiting for you right now! I’m grateful that my mistakes and pride haven’t stopped me having another chance to know the father(God), no matter how often I try to fly into the sun. Unlike Icarus, we are all being offered another chance, and don’t have to live our own way. Will you put your trust in Jesus today? To find out how to do this please email me:

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