Pick up a book and join the adventure!

Just because the road is straight doesn't mean the journey will be easy...

Just because the road is straight doesn’t mean the journey will be easy…

There are many great fantasy books. For me the best ones grip the reader, helping them lose themselves in that world to the point where they don’t want to put the book down until the end. It’s like they are going on the adventure with the main characters.

Though I dare not call either of them ‘great’, Wright Way books are offerings, both to potential readers and to God, that I hope will help the former know the latter better. They allow readers to share the adventure with the main characters because at the end of every chapter are questions for the reader, to see what they think about what is going on and what they would do.

The Roman Road is aimed at 9-11s but can be read by (and to) slightly younger children. It really does give them a chance not just to enjoy the story but also to know Jesus. The main characters are mostly male but don’t let that put you off – girls have read it too and enjoyed it, and some have come to know Jesus! If you’ve read it I’d really value a review on my blog or on Amazon please.

Chapter 3 Pic Colour Flattened

From ‘The Freedom Master’ – chapter 3 of Standing Firm

Standing Firm is aimed at young Christians aged 11-about 16. It follows on from The Roman Road but with different characters, and it keeps the same format with questions for the reader. Life is tough. The content here will help us take up the armour God has prepared for us. If you’ve read it please comment on the Standing Firm page of this blog.

Claire and I are currently exploring another project. For now, please see our current works to help you know Jesus better and introduce others to him. The Roman Road is always cheaper from me than from Amazon.

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