Pilgrim’s Progress – a journey worth sharing

I’ve read and seen a few versions of John Bunyan’s classic tale. Some of them are rather poor, probably because there are so many, but it’s a very strong story hence it gets retold. This trailer is from the best film version of it I’ve ever seen. I was a bit sceptical but glad I watched it, and it’s amazing to note that it was produced not by a major production company but by an American church.

The acting is good, there is plenty of action and obstacles for Christian (the main character) and his companions to overcome, and the pace is fast enough that my interest was maintained. It’s quite a long film, but that’s because there are so many trials along the way. If you are a Christian you’ll no doubt relate to a lot of what happens. If you’re not a Christian I’m sure it will help you think about life, why we’re here, and if Jesus has answers to your questions. Wherever you’re coming from I’d encourage you to watch this film. It’s not just entertainment but it makes you think, and if you choose to you can also share the journey!

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