I can’t wait to play this game…

Is it bad that I’m really looking forward to playing a game aimed at 8-11 year-olds?!

Scripture Union have a reputation for producing high quality Bible-based books and other resources for children and young people. ‘Guardians of Ancora’, an online video game coming out for free later this year, is their biggest project. Ever. It looks really good.

The phrase ‘Christian video game’ and the word ‘good’ don’t often go together. I’ve only ever played two that I like (John Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ and ‘Run Jesus Run’ – see previous blog posts). But this looks like it’ll be on another level.

Guardians of Ancora doesn’t just want to teach children about the Bible. It wants to help children know Jesus personally, and grow as his friends, all through playing a game! I’m all for that and can’t wait to see what it’s like to play.

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3 Responses to I can’t wait to play this game…

  1. Its not weird, plenty of games have adults playing them well beyond the age reach. It looks like the game has a good art style that should hit the children’s age demographic. While I’m not a believer myself, its good that children play games with morals, values and overall kindness. I’m assuming a game that lets you know Jesus and grow with him will have all of those things. It still needs to be fun of course to broaden its appeal beyond Christians.


    • Thanks for the comment. I agree it needs to be fun and hope it will be – that definitely seems to be the aim. Your blog looks good! It’s interesting you blogged about Kirby’s Dreamland on the Game Boy. That game was fun but far, far too easy…


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