Manga Jesus

I really want to recommend an awesome collection of Manga Books from

Manga Mutiny, Manga Melech, Manga Messengers, Manga Messiah and Manga Metamorphosis retell events from five different chunks of the Bible (that’s the order of you like chronology).

If you pushed me for a favourite I’d have to go with Metamorphosis, as it shows where we come in. But like every good series, it only makes sense in light of the others! Ok so they don’t read back to front, but they are the coolest books I’ve read for a long time. All five are funny, fast-paced, true to the Bible (with some good artistic licence thrown in), gripping and incredibly colourful. I’d recommend all 5 and I really hope they make more! They’re a great fresh or even first look at the Bible,  especially if you like comics.

These really do hit the spot for children of all ages from what I’ve seen, and they teach you about some of the stuff you maybe never thought there was in the Bible. They show how people in the Bible fudge things up, often massively. Apart from Yeshua of course. Now there is a guy worth checking out. Why not download Manga Messiah onto your tablet or smartphone and have a look right now? 

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