Odds are we’re gonna be alright…

I love this song! It’s fresh in my mind after watching BNL play an awesome set in Leeds two nights back. The video is funny, the song is catchy, and at the gig it’s one of the songs that best got the crowd going. Clever lyrics, good humour and some big themes.

Do we know that things will be alright? Or, even though we try our hardest and plan ahead, can life still be likened to rolling a die and hoping for the best? As an aside, speaking of odds and die rolls it was cool to hear that singer Ed Robertson is a Dungeons and Dragons fan. In the words of The Hunger Games, are “the odds in your favour?” Or is there a way that we can be ‘alright’, even when the odds are stacked against us? It isn’t always easy to say this but for me that way is knowing Jesus. Discuss…

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