What gives you Life?

I’m reading a good book right now. It’s Sleeping With Bread by Dennis Linn and family. The subtitle is Holding What Gives you Life.Image

Though the pictures make it look like a children’s book, it’s not (though they have done a children’s version called Making Heart-Bread, which I hope to read soon).

Sleeping with Bread tells how many children during WWII went to refugee camps due to the bombing raids. Having lost people and things they cherished, they didn’t have much left. So they were given bread to hold as they fell asleep, reminding them that they ate today and would the next. They were holding onto what gave them hope, and life. Here is a quote from the book:

God’s will is generally for us to do more of whatever we are most grateful for or whatever gives us most life.

I wonder what you make of that?

There is a way of praying in this book called “The examen”, but don’t be put off by the ‘P’ word if you’re not used to it- just check this out. It’s a way of thinking about two things at the end of each day, namely “What am I most grateful for from today?” and “What am I least grateful for from today?” You could even simplify it to “What was the high point?” and “What was the low?” or “When was I happiest?” and “When was I saddest?”. For me it’s a good way of focusing on the good, and as a Christian being able to thank God for it, and also dealing with the bad, and asking for his help with it. Even if you aren’t a Christian why not have a go? You can start by thinking about your day and how you found it, and you could even try talking to God if you wanted. I think he’s listening, and also that he wants to help. What has given you life today? What is the ‘bread’ that you hold as you fall asleep – that thing which gives you hope for tomorrow?

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