Video Games are GOOD for You!

ImageI love video games. I’ve always been into consoles, mainly Nintendo, and remember whiling away hours and hours on Donkey Kong and Zelda, not to mention Mario, who I was hooked on from the age of 5. Mario games have helped me through some tough situations actually but that’s another story!

In fact I’ve played video games so much that when I was about to die in my dreams I used to Imagebe able to whip out a computer keyboard and press ‘esc’ and get out of there (that’s the Amiga 500’s influence right there)! Video games had a major part to play in me needing glasses too, thanks mainly to Pokémon on the original Game Boy. But it was worth it (for one thing I was a Pokémon master and reigned supreme on the playground with the original 150!). In fact, for those out there who say that playing video games is a waste of time, check out this link, arguing how in fact they can add hours to your life!

Here are some thoughts loosely connected to video games:

When your life comes to ‘game over’, if you had a chance to ‘continue’ and pick up where you left off, would you want to?

Or maybe you’d rather have the chance to have an extra life and hold your game over at bay for a little while? Image

What if-just what if I said you were able to start again, keeping the save file of the life you currently know and all the wisdom it gave you, but to start again? I don’t mean from birth, but from where you are right now. It’s not a continue or an extra life, it’s more like a new life altogether, with all your gaming (or living) experience, complete with endless power-ups. Want to know more of what I’m on about?

Get in touch, drop me a comment or check out Game Church’s Jesus for the Win, available here:

So, which appeals most to you?

Game over?   Continue?   Extra life?   Something more?

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1 Response to Video Games are GOOD for You!

  1. Love the idea of an extra life, but also looking forward to a new body!


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