What’s your Treasure?

ImageThe other day I picked up an awesome board called ‘Forbidden Island’. From the picture here you will see the game cards and four types of treasure at the top. The aim of the game is to escape from an island with all the treasure before the island…sinks. That’s right, sinks! It’s a fast game with plenty of drama thrown in, and having played it twice and completed it twice (both times only just) I’d recommend it.

We have a saying in England that “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Here is an example. A few years ago I heard about alarm clocks you can get that wake you up by making you a cup of tea. And it got me thinking, shouldn’t all alarm clocks do that?! Seriously though, I’m not old enough to remember when they came out, and from what I’ve heard their popularity peaked in the 60s-70s. The other day I was just spending some time with family when all of a sudden I was offered one of these special alarm clocks, or ‘Teasmade’s, and a Goblin Teasmade at that. From what I can gather it doesn’t get any better than that in the land of alarm clocks that make you a brew, particularly if you want a retro one. So now I wake up to the sound of an alarm clock that is way older than I am making me a cup of tea.

Someone threw this away, after starting their day for maybe years with a cup of tea they didn’t have to get up and make. Now the baton has been passed to me. Daily I will rise to raise my mug for the caffiene fix I need, provided by the wonder that is the Goblin Teasmade. I didn’t escape from an island with it but that’s my latest treasure! What’s yours?


Did you know the Bible says you are God’s treasure?

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1 Response to What’s your Treasure?

  1. Graham says:

    That is amazing! I want one! (not the point of the post I realise!)


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