The Escape Artist

I saw an escape artist performing in Trafalgar Square at the weekend. He looked utterly confined at first but obviously knew how to escape, and had drawn quite a crowd to watch his routine. He took ages getting chained up but it was worth it in the end!

One of my favourite programmes is ‘The Prisoner’ from the 1960s. It’s about a man held against his will in a small village (Portmeirion in North Wales), where his captors even try to take away his identity and just call him ‘Number 6’. Watch the opening credits here:

Do you ever feel confined, bound, held back, even imprisoned? What by? It doesn’t have to be a physical thing-it could be something like depression, fear, lust, envy, circumstances…

I believe in a God who can reach into the darkest, hope-sucking prisons that we find ourselves in and help us escape, free us, restore us. Maybe give him a shot if you ever feel helpless?

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