The Best News Ever (told through Chocolate!)

This was inspired by two things: 1) The chocolate nativity stories you can find on the GetAttachment.aspxinternet, and 2) that old advert which said “Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?”)

The idea is to hide all the food and bring it out and hold it up one item at a time as the story progresses. This way people get used to the fact that more food is coming, they will be listening out for the relevance of each item and will be laughing at all the right moments! If you fancy using this talk yourself please do, and feel free to change the food around as appropriate for you. This is an expensive talk to do but so much fun, plus the group get to enjoy some tasty treats afterwards whilst thinking about what was said! Here goes:

This is a special story! It may make you SNICKER in places but please listen – if I WISPA it you won’t hear. It’s a TOPIC we all need to think about. We can REVEL in the good things of this world, and that’s great! But life is not always a PICNIC. Sometimes we can feel like SMARTIES; other times we live like our heads are full of AERO. We can feel down and not have a DAIM. Sometimes we are really BUENO, but we can also make a real FUDGE of things because we can be DRIFTERs, not doing what God wants us to. The bad things we do make us BREAKAWAY from God, who is a real STAR (BAR), meaning we can’t have a relationship with him even though he loves us and we are (WISPA) GOLD in his eyes. In fact he loves us more than enough to give us his last ROLO. The devil however gets up to all sorts of TWIX to make our lives hard and to stop us knowing God’s love for us. To help us on the ROCKY ROAD we call life, God sent a HERO to make things right again. This news is (CREME) EGGstra special. It was a real (KINDER) SURPRISE for some! Jesus died on a cross to pay the price for the times when we FLAKE out and live like FLUMPS. Then he ROSE from the grave, beating the BLACK MAGIC of the devil and evil. This sent RIPPLEs of hope throughout the world, meaning everyone in the GALAXY can be reunited with God if they choose to. WHAM! The best news in the MILKY WAY is here!

God is the DIVINE MATCHMAKER! He sent Jesus to REFRESHERS (refresh us).

What a (TURKISH) DELIGHT! Plus, God has a real BOUNTY of great plans in store for those who follow him, both now and forever.

To follow Jesus the HERO means it’s time for CELEBRATIONS, here and in heaven.

I hope this great news gives you a BOOST. It did for me!

We all need TIME OUT to think about this. We would be NUTS to pass this up.

But when it comes to the CRUNCHIE, what will you decide?

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