The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I went to see The Hobbit yesterday for the first time and really enjoyed it. It’s one of my favourite books ever (I’ve read it more than the Lord of the Rings and that is saying something!) and I guess I went in like many fans of the book: longing for it to be great, and Peter Jackson and friends did not disappoint. I thought the LOTR films were fantastic and this had that same magic. For me there is something so special about seeing your childhood favourite story come to life on the big screen and I was hooked! There were a few added extras in the film where artistic licence was used, such as the introduction of Radagast the Brown, a wizard friend of Gandalf’s, who was left out of the LOTR films but was a good character in this one. The music, battles, scenery etc. had my attention throughout and it’s making me want to read the book again. Wondering if I’ll see it again anytime soon…

The title of this first installment of The Hobbit is An Unexpected Journey. Without ruining the plot it was definitely a journey that Bilbo Baggins was not expecting! I would definitely recommend both the book and film. If you’re considering either, do it! Watching The Hobbit reminded me how much I’d like to live my life in a hobbit hole, but that’s another story. One part of the film that stood out was when Gandalf was explaining to Lady Galadriel why he had chosen Bilbo for the adventure, and in Gandalf’s reply he says something like evil can be overcome through doing good things.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans chapter 12 verse 21, the Bible)

Isn’t life an unexpected journey? It’s not always warm and comfortable but wherever we are I wonder how different things would be if we remembered the above…

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