Carols at the Cove


Went walking at Malham Cove today. It’s a beautiful spot where part of Harry Potter 7 was filmed. We didn’t know this was happening until we got there but a brass band were playing some Christmas carols at the bottom and a good number of people had gathered for the music and a mince pie. I love how carols bring people together, and it was such a lovely place to be in, especially as the sun went down over the rocks and hills.


When you sing carols do you ever question the words? Do you think they could have any relevance to your life? I challenge you to think about the words next time you hear or sing a carol. If you look into it you may well be surprised…


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1 Response to Carols at the Cove

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    True. Some songs can really reflect certain situations in life; we just never took the time to look at the lyrics properly.


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