Colonel, I salute you!

I was in KFC last night eating some tasty chicken. Did you know that Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, was a Christian? He said becoming a Christian was “the greatest experience of my life” despite the fact he achieved more than most of us can imagine.

He had tried many jobs throughout his difficult life, and it was only when he was at retirement age that his chicken recipe began to take off, after which KFC was born. But the biggest change in his life was becoming a Christian, and in fact he credits all his success to God. This is why he gave so much of his fortune away to Christian organisations and other great causes. As he put it: “There’s no use being the richest man in the cemetery ‘cos you can’t do any business in there!”

Check out this interview with the Colonel from 1979:

Interview with Colonel Harland Sanders

Food for thought, and it’s finger lickin’ good!

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