The Quiet Place

There’s something very relaxing about being away from home, finding a nice little cafe and making a base for the morning. Yes…

Do you have a quiet place? A place where you go to listen, think, write, draw, pray, be?

How do you find it?

If you have any advice on finding a quiet place away from where you live that doesn’t involve spending money on drinks, or where you aren’t scared of going to the toilet in case someone pinches your stuff or your table or the seat you’ve spent ages warming up, your advice is welcome… 😉

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2 Responses to The Quiet Place

  1. oh yeah, and like your own post!


  2. Graham says:

    I’d recommend a beach on the Gower, but I fear that may be a bit of a commute for you! I would also concede it’s highly dependent on the weather- an issue a coffee shop does not suffer from!


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