10 Second Sermons

Milton Jones is one of my favourite comedians. He’s known for his one-liners, and wrote a short book called 10 Second Sermons which I recently bought. They are not all funny but they do all make you think. Here are the ones I liked the most:

We need to get away from religious cliches – Amen?

People like Jesus because he hung around with drunks and prostitutes. So how come when I do that …?

And I’m quite prepared for you to say what you want about my faith as long as I can say what I like about your lack of it.

God is the AA, and we are the breakdowns.

God is Calvin Klein. We are pants.

Gossip is bullying people who aren’t there.

The Church is sometimes referred to as the Bride of Christ. Well, she must have a lovely personality.

Something’s wrong with the world. It’s like a chocolate cake that has fallen face down on the floor of a chicken coop. So you either sweep the whole lot away, or try and rescue as much as you can.

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1 Response to 10 Second Sermons

  1. hahhahahahha! thanks for hte humor!!!!


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