I really like this programme. Now in its 5th season, it’s that rare thing: a Saturday night British TV programme of good quality! My favourite character is the dragon voiced by John Hurt, but that’sImage another story, and Richard Wilson is in it too, as Merlin’s mentor. Merlin, played by Colin Morgan, is a wizard, and not just any wizard but destined to be the greatest ever in the fictional realm of Albion where the story is set. He is the personal servant to King Arthur, played by Bradley James. They have a really interesting relationship because they are both friends who would willingly give their lives to save the other, but none of them would openly admit their friendship due to social conventions. I love the banter between them, and their friendship is made even more interesting by the fact that Arthur doesn’t know that Merlin is magical and practicing magic has been banned on pain of death since Arthur’s Father (Anthony Head) decreed it (at least for now…). Those who practice magic are considered part of ‘the old religion’. Remnants of it still exist but users of it make their presence known at their own risk, as most people don’t want to get involved in magic and view it with suspicion.

As a Christian I sometimes feel like part of ‘the old religion’. I don’t mean Christianity is magical, but it does feel to me that people are suspicious of it; less likely to trust in Jesus than they used to be and even that more folk are trying to silence Christians from speaking about him. I know that Jesus is still as relevant as he ever was, and that many are missing out on what he has to offer because they haven’t checked him out for themselves. But he will return as the Bible promises to make all things as they should be, and when I do see him face to face I want to say with confidence “I did my best. I would not be silenced.”

Merlin frequently saves Arthur through using magic, but he will have to reveal his true self at some point and Arthur will have to decide what he believes is right. If you haven’t given Jesus much thought, what would it take for you to look? How will you know what’s right if you don’t?

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