Preferred Lies


I was at a golf course last night. Not to play golf but to worship God with other Christians. We went to a spot in the course where Baptist Christians met hundreds of years ago to worship in secret because they were being persecuted for their faith. It was cool to feel connected to them even though centuries separate us.

Anyway, I saw this sign on the golf course. I don’t really know what it means (something to do with where you place the golf ball?). The wording made me think though. Lies are a big problem aren’t they. It can seem convenient to lie sometimes but really we know we shouldn’t. I guess this goes for every mistake we make-we choose what feels right (even if we know deep down that it’s wrong) and then there are consequences-people get hurt, and so does God.

I was at a wedding this weekend, having a great chat with a guy about life and the choices we make. It struck me in a new way that our world isn’t perfect and nor are we, because of the things we do wrong-that ultimately what the Bible calls ‘sin’ is the greatest problem in the world, and that, because of it, our greatest need as people is to be in a right relationship with God again. I am so grateful that Jesus made this possible for all who will put their trust in him.

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