Jesus Christ Superstar (play loudly for full effect)

Ok so Jesus wasn’t white and didn’t have blonde hair etc. but if you can look past this and one or two other things, Jesus Christ Superstar is a powerful, thought-provoking musical with some great tunes. It’ll be good to see what the new production looks like (Andrew Lloyd Webber is looking for a new Jesus character on a show later in the year).

You may be struck by different things in this video: Pilate’s vulnerablity and the fact he didn’t really have a choice in sentencing Jesus to be crucified, the bloodlust of the crowd, the fact the disciples were nowhere to be seen maybe? For me I’m most struck by the creepy voices that chant ‘Crucify!’. Many of those voices cheered when Jesus entered Jerusalem only a few days before he met Pilate. It’s a quick turnaround to go from cheering to ‘Kill him!’

Jesus gave his life for those who love him, for those who hate him, for those who didn’t know what to make if him. And if you are any of the above or even miscellanious, he gave his life for you too!

The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

He paid the ransom that none of us ever could. The road to God is clear!

For more info look at ‘The Roman Road’.

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